What is Onelovehotels?

Onelovehotels is a club membership perfect for those who love travel and hotels. We compare prices, share all-time favourite hotels, and for every booking we donate 50% of our income to the charity UNICEF.

We find the best rates for over 800,000 hotels Compare the best hotel deals from the biggest travel booking sites in just one search. Our booking-monitor gives you access to the best offers from Hotels.com, Expedia, Venere.com and many more. Choose from the cheapest hostels to the most exclusive hotels in the world.

Our cooperation with UNICEF

The uniqueness of Onelovehotels.com is that you can book a hotel, while helping someone in need. We then donate 50% of that commission to a charitable mission of your choice. On our website you can track how many members are supporting each project and how much money has been raised to date. The more people you help us recruit to become members, the fast we achieve our goals to change the world for the better. Membership at Onelovehotels is free!

Our favourites

In search for a dream hotel, we would recommend checking out our favourites. Our favourites contains the highest quality hotels we have visited personally and considered thoroughly. We visit a lot of new hotels looking for places we love and would recommend to our members, but only the best ones get a spot in our collection. Our favourites includes a variety of exotic-, city and beach hotels. The hotels are located in the more expensive price group, but are a perfect fit for honeymoons or for those who want to experience the hotel of your dreams.

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On our blog you will find inspiration and tips on various topics related to hotels and travel. Here you can read about the places you should go when, which resorts are offering what and what not to be missed. You can also stay updated on our Facebook pages and our Instagram profile.

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