Port Antonio, Jamaica

We love Geejam! This is our favorite hotel!
Outside of Port Antonio on Jamaicas North Eastern coast, far away from the busy beaches of Montego Bay and the cruise ships in Ocho Rios you will find this hidden gem of a hotel. Geejam was originally a record studio started by Jon Baker and Steve Beaver, but it doubles as a hotel when superstars like Alicia Keys, Drake, Bjork, Gwen Stefani and Snoop Dog doesn’t occupy the premises. The word “Hotel” is probably not the best description of the five cabanas that clings to the jungle hillside with spectacular views over the Caribean Ocean, it’s more like having you own personal luxury hut in paradis. Geejam has it own private beach with a very nice coral reef, but there are also fantastic beaches like Frenchman’s cove nearby. Geejam is 10 min away from the Triden Hotel that has the same owners and if you split you stay between the two you have a guarantee for the perfect holiday. As an extra bonus the Jamaican answer to Buena Vista Social Club, The Jolly Boys gives concerts at Geejam every Friday when they are not touring.


There are lot of hotels around were the staff learns you name during a stay, but the special thing about Geejam is that you will learn the name of most of the staff! Here there are no “Mr” or “Sir” and if you are a nice person you are guaranteed to end up with some new friends after you stay here.

The experience starts when you arrive in Montego Bay. Here you will be greeted before the passport control and guided past the queues, before they pick up your luggage and take to the arrival lounge were you wait for your car with a cold Red Stripe in you hand. When you arrive at Geejam you will get your own telephone with the number to all the staff at the hotel and if you need anything you just pick up the phone. They will drive you to the beach, go clubbing with you in Port Antonio or help you out with anything else you might need.

i love geejam!



All the rooms at Geejam are different and each of them has its own charm. We have stayed in all of them except Sanwood, which is a bigger house. The Ska room is our absolute favorite. It’s placed on the top of the hillside with amazing panoramic views over the Caribbean Ocean and the Trident Castle and you have a little Jacuzzi were you cant watch the sun go down wile you empty a bottle of bubblies! The only problem with staying here is that you don’t want to leave your room…

Drum & Bass is the largest room and offers a large terrace with a Jacuzzi and great views. Rocksteady is the smallest and most affordable room, but its still fantastic with great views and a nice large bathroom with a steam shower. The most secluded room is Mento and her you really get the “jungle” experience when your lying in the hammock on the terrace or taking a dip in the Jacuzzi.

All rooms have Apple TV’s stacked with movies, music and a Netflix account. If they don’t have the movie you want to see you just buy it on the hotels account. So if you’re having bad luck with the weather you are pretty much covered. All rooms also have BOSE speakers and docking stations.


Geejam has it’s own private beach in a sheltered lagoon just below the hotel. Here you will find a little sandy beach and great sun beds spread around the area. Its rarely people here so most of the time you will have the whole area to your self. A big reef with great snorkeling is just a few meters away and again, you will be diving there all alone. The water in the lagoon is crystal clear and underground sources of fresh water trickles up from below making it a magical place to go swimming. The beach has WIFI and Geejam has canoes and snorkeling equipment that you can use.

Five minutes from Geejam you will find Frenchman’s Cove. This beach is known from movies like Cocktail and is regularly featured on lists of the world’s most beautiful beaches. With a crystal clear river meeting the ocean you have the option to either jump in the cool fresh water or run into the warmth of the ocean. If you go here in the morning you will most likely get to experience one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet all by yourself. You can either walk to Frenchman’s or get the hotel to drive you.

About 10 min from Geejam is the Blue Lagoon. A “bottomless” lagoon with crystal clear, cool water from underground sources. This is not the place to spend a whole day but you can run here from Geejam and jump in, we have!

Winnifred beach is about 20 min from Geejam by car. This is the beach were the Jamaicans chill out. Lots of people in the weekends, but quiet during the weekdays. Long, white stretches of sand, jerk chicken and cold Red Stripe

Food & Wine

Sushi, lobster, shrimps, fish and chicken! The food at Geejam is healthy and very good. The menu is small, but if you are looking for something that’s not on it, just ask the chef and he will probably whip it up for you. For breakfast you can enjoy freshly squeezed orange juice, espresso, omelets or eggs any style, pancakes and fresh bread, either on your own porch or at the Bushbar. The wine list is short but have some good alternatives.


There is a small gym at Geejam, but it is small and don’t offer to many options. You are better off taking a run to the Trident Hotel or get the staff to drive you there. You can also go running past San San Beach and the Blue Lagoon, but the roads are narrow and its lots of vegetation so watch out! The Trident also offers a great spa.


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