Town hall hotel

London, United Kingdom

To be honest, London is not our favorite hotel city. Sure there are plenty of nice hotels around, but they are often very expensive considering what you get. Because of that we were so happy when we discovered this hidden gem on Londons East side. Town Hall is in Dalston, not far from the lively streets of Hoxton and Hackney. As the name suggests the building is an old town hall and differs from most other hotels in the area. At the Town Hall you will find large, grand rooms at a very affordable price and very good service. When the hotel also hosts one of London’s premier restaurants, a cool bar and a big swimming pool, its really hard not to enjoy yourself here.


Town Hall offers different rooms and suites but there is no reason not to go for one of the “Signature” suites. At 200 GMP per night these rooms are an absolute bargain. “Signature” suites are about 70 square meters, but since its five meters from the floor to the ceiling and the windows are three meters high it feels even bigger. In the oldest part of the building you will find suites 101 and 103 and they are in our opinion the nicest. Your bed is placed on a little “mezzanine” in the middle of the room in conjunction with a sunken bathtub. Since part of the building is protected the style is sort of a mix between modern minimalistic and traditional British. The signature suites also come with a little kitchenette if you feel like doing some cooking on your own (We are not sure why one would want to though) Free WIFI across the property.

Town Hall also has a very unique suite. Several hundred square meters with great architectural features made it cool enough to used as a set for a Bond movie! Its not cheap, but you can always ask the reception for a little free tour.

Sunken bathtub next to the bed. I love it!


Food & Wine

Great breakfast at the Town Hall! Fresh bread of all sorts, homemade Granola, freshly squeezed juices, good selection of cheese and plenty of A la Carte alternatives. You can enjoy your breakfast at the lovely dining hall on the second floor or have it delivered to your room.

As mentioned the Town Hall is home to one of London’s better restaurants, Viajante. The restaurant has one Michelin star and is definitely worth a visit. Tables can be hard to come by so get the hotel to make a reservation when you book your room. In adjunction to the restaurant there is also a nice bar that’s great for a drink or two before you hit the East London clubs.

There is also another restaurant with a more simplistic menu that’s open for lunch and dinner. Nearby areas Hoxton and Hackney has plenty of restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs.


In the basement there is a swimming pools large enough to do laps in and a lovely sauna next to it. Right beside the pool you will find the gym. Not the largest, but it has a good selection of free-weights and apparatus. If you prefer to run outside there are several parks nearby.


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