Our passion

We created this site out of love. A love for a life of travel and most of all, a love for those mysterious waypoints between where we have been, and where we are going. Hotels are so much more than just places to spend a night. Their walls whisper of passionate trysts, of lucid dreams sketched on bedside notepads, and champagne bottles up-ended in ice buckets. When you spend enough time travelling, you realize that where you choose to sleep can be as important as who you choose to sleep with... This website is not for everyone. It is not place for corporate rates, package holidays or mass produced hotel chains. Hotels are our home. Here you will find some of our favorites, and the things we love most about them. Each has, in its own way, connected with us - and we have in turn, left something of ourselves there too. We hope you love what we have found. See you on the road.

The writers

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